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SupDragon 2020 annual travel event!

2021-01-11 17:21:40


Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and celebrate New Year's Day. After many trials and unforgettable experiences in 2020, our company has successfully entered the new year. In order to invigorate the company atmosphere, enrich employees' spare time, and strengthen communication between employees, the company continues to uphold the ideal of "once a year" trip, and organizes colleagues from various departments to visit Hunan on December 31, 2020, opening a four-day unforgettable Hunan journey of.

On December 31, 2020, we set foot on the land of Hunan. After tasting the local food in Hunan, we came to Nanyue Hengshan.

The ancients said: "Hengshan is like walking, Daishan is like sitting, Huashan is like standing, Songshan is like lying, only Nanyue is like flying." The unique geographical environment here forms the peculiar southern country rime on Nanyue Mountain. We took the scenic eco-car to Nantianmen. After taking a group photo, we went all the way up from Nantianmen. After 1 hour, we finally climbed to the highest peak of Nanyue Hengshan Mountain-Zhu Rong Peak. The rime of Zhu Rong Peak was like snow and not snow, and ice and not ice. The entire mountain is like a fairy in a snow-white dress, crystal clear, graceful and beautiful, and it is breathtaking.

The next day, we arrived at Shaoshan, the holy place of revolution memorial together.

Shaoshan is the hometown of Comrade Mao Zedong, the great leader of the Chinese people, a famous national revolutionary memorial site, a national key scenic spot, a national 5A-level tourist attraction, and a national red revolution education base. We visited Mao Zedong's former residence together. In Mao Zedong Square, we paid homage to the bronze statue of Chairman, remembering the great achievements of the great man, and remembering Chairman Mao forever. The bronze statue is 6 meters high, the base is 6.26 meters high, and the overall height is 12.26 meters, symbolizing the birth of Mao Zedong. Everyone took a group photo in front of the bronze statue, reminiscing about Chairman Mao's great achievements; held a solemn tribute ceremony, and collectively presented flowers and blues to the bronze statue of Chairman to show respect and remembrance.

On the third day, everyone went to visit Yuelu Mountain and Juzizhoutou together.

Yuelu Mountain is a national key scenic spot. It is also one of China's top four maple viewing spots. Yuelu Mountain is located on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River in the ancient city of Changsha. It is an urban mountain-type scenic spot. Afterwards, visit Aiwan Pavilion, one of the four famous pavilions in China, and Yuelu Academy, one of the four famous academies in Chinese history. Yuelu Academy is located at the foot of the mountain on the east side of Yuelu Mountain on the west bank of Xiangjiang River in Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is a traditional Chinese ancient academy architecture. For thousands of years, there are endless string songs, so it is called "Millennium Academy", and it is now an affiliated college of Hunan University.

In the afternoon, we visited Juzizhoutou, which is located in the Xiangjiang River. It is adjacent to the Yuelu Mountain and accompanied by the Xiangjiang River. The scenery is beautiful, forming a unique landscape of "one green hill and one city". It is one of the important scenic spots in Changsha, as well as a national 5A-level tourist attraction and a national key scenic spot, and is known as the "first continent in China". Admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Xiangjiang River, experience the giant statue of Mao Zedong, a great Chinese man, experience Mao Zedong's lofty ambitions of "pointing the country and inspiring words", and pursue the growth trajectory of the great man.


The fourth day is the last day of the itinerary. Upon returning to our hometown, we drove to the iconic building of the ancient city of Changsha-Tianxin Pavilion, and visited the last attraction of this itinerary.

After bypassing Lunjian Pond and following the tree-lined path, you will arrive at Chonglie Gate in a short while. What you see is two couplets: "Enjoy Hu Jie with Qi, and defend mountains and rivers bravely". The side couplet is written by the seal style: "If you commit troubles and die, what you want is more than life." Then along the ancient Ming city wall, through the "Xiong Town" big round gate, you can see the Tianxin Pavilion. The couplet on the door is "Xiaoxiang ancient pavilion, a famous city in Qin and Han Dynasties", giving high praise to both Changsha and Tianxin Pavilion. The only relic of the ancient city wall of Changsha, Tianxin Pavilion, is the highest point of Changsha City. When the city was destroyed and the ring road was built, it may be because of the height, or it may be deliberately reserved. Silently remembering the thousand years of Changsha, it is precious in the historical memory of Changsha.

With a full load of joy, our 4-day trip to Hunan was successfully completed. While reminiscing about this trip, we began to prepare for a new round of work. I believe everyone will devote more energy and enthusiasm to work!


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