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Oil lubricated screw compressor


SF series integrated full-performance oil-lubricated screw compressor, integrated air compressor, refrigeration dryer, air storage tank, filter in one design, simple connection and use on site, small footprint, simple and flexible installation, and saves installation The material and labor cost of the project can output high-quality compressed air to meet most general industry applications.

》Scope of supply

•   Displacement 2.5~14.5m3/min

•   Output pressure 6~8bar

•   Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics

•    The integrated design of air compressor, refrigeration dryer, air storage tank and filter, output high-quality compressed air, in line with general industry applications

•    Simply connect and use on site, occupy a small space, flexible installation, and save material and labor costs for installation engineering

•    The skid-mounted shell of container material is windproof and rainproof, and can be directly installed outdoors

•    The compressor energy efficiency reaches the national first-class energy efficiency standard, full-time frequency conversion control, matching any working conditions on site, saving energy and electricity

•    Cloud IoT digital management, real-time online monitoring of equipment operation

•    Large parts design, reliable and durable machine operation, long maintenance period

Oil lubricated screw compressor


The SSF series is the flagship product launched by Super Dragon through in-depth exploration and research of users’ 20 years of on-site use and service experience, and based on users’ demand and development trend of "reliable, efficient, flexible, and digital" compressors. The design and manufacture of the product adopts industry-leading technology and craftsmanship, and selects superior materials. It is a full-efficiency equipment with top performance and energy efficiency. It is a masterpiece of ingenuity adhering to the 20-year professional spirit of Super Dragon.

》Scope of supply

•   Displacement 17.5~65m3/min

•   Output pressure 3-5bar/6~8bar

•   Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics

•    The high-efficiency two-stage compression main engine adopts the newly designed rotor profile, which can increase the exhaust volume by up to 12% under the same power consumption

•    Permanent magnet special frequency conversion motor, IE4 high efficiency motor, protection grade IP55; standard configuration phase sequence protection, overload thermocouple protection, safe and reliable

•    Variable frequency constant pressure control, flexible matching of fluctuating working conditions to reduce unloading energy consumption and pressure difference energy consumption; frequency conversion to start smoothly, reducing the current peak value at the moment of starting

•    The main engine and the motor are driven by a direct coupling, with high transmission efficiency and low transmission loss

•    The large-diameter screw main engine is designed to match the four-stage motor at the lowest speed, and long-period operation does not need to be overhauled

•    The intelligent controller is displayed with an LCD touch-type LCD Chinese display, which can display the main operating parameters and operating status of the compressor. It has the functions of fault alarm and protection and maintenance information reminding. It can realize the joint control of up to 16 compressors; it can be connected at the same time Super Dragon Cloud IoT intelligent system realizes remote real-time online monitoring of equipment operation

•    The air flow channel has undergone a revolutionary optimization design, the hot and cold temperature zones are separated, and the side inlet cold air top exhaust hot air conforms to the principle of thermodynamics; the cold air zone of the compressor sucks in, and the compression efficiency is high; the electrical box is set in the cold air zone, and the motor has independent cold air cooling, Long component life; equipment runs quietly and efficiently

•    The oil pipeline of the whole engine adopts the design of stainless steel hard pipe, so there is no worry about oil leakage in the long-term operation of the equipment.

•    Reserve space and interface for heat exchanger, optional hot water recovery device, recover hot water for process or domestic hot water, heat energy recovery and utilization have high economic benefits


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