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Oil-free screw compressor


SO series oil-free dry screw compressors can provide 100% oil-free and silicon-free pure compressed air for some special sensitive industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical, electronic semiconductors, etc., to avoid pollution and provide the highest air quality Standard and Class 0 certification.

》Scope of supply

•  Displacement 7.9~85.9m³/min

•  Output pressure 1.2~8bar

•  Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics

•    The pressure below 3.5bar is a single-stage compression, and the pressure above 3.5bar is divided into low-pressure and high-pressure two-stage compression, and the two-stage compressor is driven by a gear box.

•    The rotor surface and the inner wall of the main body shell adopt the patented Ultracoat™ super coating process, which has high main body efficiency and long service life.

•    The high and low pressure rotor shells are equipped with cooling jackets, which can effectively reduce the influence of radiant heat on the material, and the rotor can run reliably for a long time.

•    The bearing design with high load and low loss has a service life of 120,000 hours. The first and second stage rotors have balanced pistons, which can reduce the axial force of the rotor on the thrust bearing.

•    The AGMA13 high-precision synchronous gear realizes the synchronous rotation of the female and male rotor pairs, ensuring "zero contact" between the rotor and between the rotor and the shell, and the transmission efficiency is high and it can adapt to a wide range of working conditions.

•    It adopts patented stainless steel floating ring double-channel air seal and nickel-plated reverse floating double-channel oil seal, no wear, good sealing effect, effectively reducing the leakage of compressed air and preventing lubricating oil from entering the compressed air cavity, reaching 100% Oil.

•    It adopts IP55 grade, low-speed 4-level permanent magnet variable frequency motor, with high power factor, low temperature rise, and an efficiency improvement of 3-5% year-on-year.

•    Equipped with high-load bearings, connected by flexible couplings, the motor runs smoothly and has a long service life; equipped with overload current protection, motor windings and bearing temperature sensors are installed to monitor the motor temperature in real time to ensure the safe operation of the motor.

•    Using dedicated broadband frequency converter and constant pressure energy-saving logic control, the output flow can be adjusted accurately, quickly and steadily to match the fluctuation of the working condition, and the exhaust volume can be adjusted in the range of 40-100%; the system pressure is stable, no pressure adjustment and energy consumption loss.

•    The big one motor is designed and equipped with frequency conversion adjustment, which can flexibly meet the pressure and flow changes of the process in a wide range, while reducing energy consumption by 15-40%.

•    Water-cooled shell-and-tube cooler, gas pipe pass, water pass shell pass; use anti-corrosion stainless steel material, large heat exchange area, intercooler equipped with condensate separator.

•    The air-cooled type uses high-efficiency plate-fin heat exchangers, using high-quality materials, large heat dissipation area, and good heat transfer performance.

•    Optional high temperature air type or hot water recovery device to recover compressed heat energy and obtain considerable economic benefits.

•    The machine is organically divided into three parts: electric control and drive part, compression part, and cooling part. All parts have enough maintenance space and are easy to reach and maintain.

•    The main components are creatively arranged along the direction of the cooling airflow, which can effectively extend the life of the machine. The control electronic components, electrical components, motors, and air suction are all arranged in the cold zone of the machine, which is conducive to reliable operation and improved efficiency.

•    The machine is equipped with an axial fan, and the cooling air is sucked in from the side to provide cooling and heat dissipation inside the machine and discharge the radiant hot air at the top, forming a good air cooling channel, and maintaining a good heat dissipation effect inside the machine.

•    Digital full-performance dedicated PLC controller with 10-inch touch LCD Chinese display. The operating status and data of the unit are visually displayed in a flow chart, with maintenance reminders and fault alarm functions, and can be connected to the "SupDragon Cloud" IOT digital management The system realizes on-site centralized management and remote monitoring of compressors.

•    Can provide MODBUS interface, PROFIBUS interface, Ethernet/IP communication interface and seamless connection with the factory's centralized control system.


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