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Three-day trip to Hunan Mangshan National Forest Park on New Years Day in 2015!

2015-05-25 09:25:00

At the beginning of the new year, in order to reflect the company’s corporate philosophy, enrich employees’ amateur cultural life, cultivate sentiments, relieve employees’ work pressure, and allow employees to enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature outside of work, and to enhance the friendship and teamwork among colleagues. For cohesion, the company specially organizes a three-day tour to Mangshan National Forest Park in Chenzhou, Hunan during the New Year's Day.

Mangshan Forest Park mainly includes famous scenic spots such as Guizizhai Scenic Area, Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area, Monkey King Village, Mangshan Nature Museum, and Mangshan Pearl River Drifting. Mangshan Forest Park is named after Linhai Mang and pythons. It is located in the middle of the Nanling Mountains at the junction of Hunan and Guangdong, at the southernmost tip of Yizhang County, Hunan. With a total area of 20,000 hectares, Mangshan National Forest Park is the largest forest park in Hunan Province. The park is rich in natural resources and unique scenery resources. It combines "exotic mountains, beautiful waters, forests, and rocks" into a whole, which is a unique natural scenery in the south.

On January 1, after a four-hour drive, we finally arrived at Hunan Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Tourist Resort. It consists of five areas: Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Hotel, Mangshan Hot Spring Ecological Area, Indoor Spa Area, Noah's Ark SPA VIP Area, and Ecological Agricultural Manor Cultural Area. A major feature of Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Hotel is the hot spring ecological zone. The hot spring area is equipped with more than 60 indoor and outdoor hot spring pools with different functions and characteristics. Here, we can enjoy the hot spring on the cliff-the only Noah's Ark hot spring pool in the world. The hot spring pool extracts the essence of natural hot spring water, integrates traditional Chinese classical music elements into the hot spring culture, soaks the soul with music, washes the body exhausted with hot springs, and achieves the state of unity of body and mind, reinterpreting the new concept of hot spring health.

On January 2, everyone greeted the dawn together and set off for the scenic spot of Mangshan National Forest Park. Upon entering the scenic spot, the stone engraved with "Mangshan National Forest Park" is greeted. Everyone scrambled to take pictures first, just to leave a mark of their past under this beautiful scenery. Then everyone got on the eco-friendly bus to Tiantai Mountain. In this half-hour drive, the steep mountain roads allowed us to appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature. Every turn is enough to test the driver's skills, and every turn allows us to see amazing scenery. After getting off the bus, the tour guide introduced us one by one the route of the Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area. After the meeting time was arranged, everyone set off towards Tiantai Mountain with great interest.

image.png     image.png

After 40 minutes, from Linhai Mountain Villa, walking along the forest trails, stepping through the clouds and mists, finally climbed to the Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area. Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area is also called Yazishi Scenic Area. It is said that "you don't know the beauty of Tiantai Mountain if you don't know the beauty of Mount Tiantai." The Tiantai Mountain peaks are composed of five peaks with altitudes of 1758 meters, 1671 meters, 1560 meters, 1506 meters, and 1589 meters. Known as "the first insurance in Central and South Africa". Tiantai Mountain is the gathering place and essence of the majestic and dangerous landscape of Mangshan peaks, and it is worthy of the reputation of Xiao Zhangjiajie!

In the afternoon, we walked to the Monkey King Village with the guide. It is backed by primitive forests, steep cliffs, ancient trees obscuring the sky, spectacular waterfalls, and monkeys frolicking. Legend has it that after the Monkey King became a Buddha, Sun Wukong once came to this place to make friends with races and passed on his stunts, thus becoming the Monkey King Village. There is a ravine between the two pinnacles of Zhaigu, which is no more than 300 meters high and hidden by green trees. There is nothing surprising. Climbing tens of meters, a miracle appeared. I saw a bitan lake in front of me, about 100 square meters, about 6 meters deep, a piece of emerald green, and clear stone patterns on the bottom of the water. Above the pond, huge rocks are stacked, and the stone walls on both sides are like chisels. At the foot of the mountain wall on the right, a huge clear water flew straight down the curved stone ditch. The water is like a jade dragon, spitting pearls and raising waves, forming a waterfall at the cliff, jumping into the green pool, ripples and ripples.

image.png     image004_20200827_133527494

The third day's itinerary is Guizizhai Scenic Area. Guizizhai Scenic Area is a scenic area dominated by virgin forests. It is famous for its strange rocks, waterfalls, forests, and vigorous and colorful Mangshan pine. Before visitors arrive at the Guizi Village, in the forest, they can hear waves of vigorous and sweet water roaring in the distance. As far as Zhai Valley, the big waterfall suddenly jumps in front of you, and visitors will freeze their expressions and their moods will be agitated. Now visitors are here, the sights are all superb views, like entering the dazzling dragon palace. On the left side of Guizizhai Waterfall, stands the mighty and majestic General Stone. This is a huge rock peak about a hundred meters high, like a vivid ancient warrior, with a majestic head and a stony seam on his body, like a general's full-body armor. On the left side of the general there is a square boulder, just like a general’s shield, hence the name General’s Stone Shield; on the right is a towering ancient pine, like a general’s arm holding a big square, and like a horse riding a gold whip. The whole Jiangjunshi looks like a great man standing up and down, and looks awe-inspiring, like a patron saint to ensure that the waterfall is sacred and inviolable.

The magnificent scenery of Mang Mountain is countless. These landscapes combine the charm of mountains and rivers, and the deep and beautiful scenery of the secluded forests, which make visitors dizzying. When time is like a galloping train, burying all the good now under the wheels of billowing smoke, we have to sigh that time always flies too fast, and we are still immersed in the beauty of Mangshan.


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