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Magnetic levitation centrifugal compressor


The QST magnetic levitation centrifugal compressor is driven by a high-speed inverter motor and a high-frequency inverter at variable speed. The motor rotor and compression components are supported by active magnetic bearings. The characteristic of this advanced driving method is that it does not need to use gears to increase the speed, and it can easily achieve the required High speed and high aerodynamic efficiency; because the entire drive unit has no bearings and no gears, there is no need for lubricating oil, realizing the ideal solution for the entire compressor to be truly oil-free.

》Scope of supply


•  Displacement 600~3600m³/h

•  Output pressure 3~9bar


•  Displacement 1200~24000m³/h

•  Output pressure 0.3~1.5bar

•  Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics

Motor and drive

•    High-speed variable speed adjustable motor, integral forged steel copper-clad main shaft directly drives the impeller, the impeller and the motor rotor are supported by magnetic suspension bearings and auxiliary bearings, the motor drives the impeller, combined with the diffuser and the volute, and passes through the first and second stages according to different pressure requirements. One-stage or three-stage compression produces the required compressed air pressure. After each stage of compression is completed, the compressed air will be cooled by a high-efficiency cooler. The compression process of each stage is close to isothermal compression with high compression efficiency

•    The stator of the motor is cooled by a water jacket and jet air flow. The electronic rotor and magnetic bearing of the motor are cooled by air. The efficiency of the motor is over 96%

•    The variable speed drive system of the high frequency inverter realizes the function of "electronic gearbox" through electronic means. The frequency of the inverter can reach 1250HZ, and the maximum speed can reach 120,000 rpm

•    Inverter control can continuously adjust the gas volume to match the user's actual gas demand, the minimum adjustment capacity is as low as 25%, only the necessary energy consumption is consumed, and the output pressure is constant

Active magnetic bearing

•    The motor rotor and compression components completely rely on axial and radial magnetic bearings. The magnetic bearing controller can adjust the magnetic flux at any time to balance the load and provide reliable operation in all working modes

•    The customized rotor dynamic balance assembly can monitor the bearing status in real time

•    This design means that there is no contact in the rotating elements, that is, no wear and minimum maintenance


•    Efficient aerodynamic design, using titanium alloy material

•    Optimized the clearance at the top of the impeller through the magnetic suspension bearing, and the leakage is less than 2%

•    The pressure is continuously adjustable at 5-8bar

•    The minimum adjustment capacity is as low as 25% @ 7bar

Air volume adjustment method

•    Adjusted by frequency converter in the range of 70-100% air volume to maintain constant pressure

•    When the air volume is less than 70%, the vent valve and unloading automatic control mode are adopted, and the unloading energy consumption is less than 2.5%

cooling system

•    Contains a simple cooling water circuit to cool the entire compression process, including intercoolers, aftercoolers, high-speed motors and inverters

•    Standard fan provides additional cooling for high-speed motors

•    The cooling of the case is to deal with the high temperature of the environment through the integrated exhaust fan

Intake filter

•    Compact and high-efficiency intake air filtration, sub-micron particle filtration: Minimize pressure drop and maximize dust holding. This ensures that the performance of the compressor is always optimized and significantly reduces maintenance requirements

Vent valve and silencer

•    When the compressor is unloaded, the vent valve opens to prevent the compressor from surging

Control System

•    The PLC control system uses various sensors, transmitters and other data to adjust the angle of the intake guide vanes within the maximum range to keep the compressor at a constant pressure.

•    Main control methods: automatic dual control (throttling and unloading control), constant pressure control, anti-surge control

•    The touch-type LCD display interface can display the main operating parameters and operating status of the compressor. It has the functions of fault alarm and protection and maintenance information reminders. It also has a remote communication interface for communication with the centralized control system. The air compressor is monitored. The communication provides RS 485 communication interface and supports MODBUS RTU communication protocol


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