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Covers the full system service of compressed air


》Lean Service

   Service philosophy

  Quality first, safety first, professional standards, and excellence.

  "Service close by"

   One-hour service outlets provide "zero-distance on-site service" for large-volume customers.

》Full system service

   Regular after-sales service, overhaul and transformation services, parts and maintenance outsourcing services, system testing services, installation and engineering services, equipment leasing services.

》Professional service team

   As a compressed air system service company with more than 20 years of professional experience, we have established a professional and skilled service team. Each of our service engineers has undergone strict training and assessment, and has the qualifications required by the country and the industry. Through years of field service practices, they also have rich experience and skilled skills. These professional service engineers are the guarantee of quality service.

》Break the industry service bottleneck

   In view of the current situation of the industry with non-standard service standards, opaque prices, and uneven quality, as well as the scattered and difficult management of compressed air systems, high operating management costs, and the pain points and problems that affect production and safety in manufacturing customers, we adhere to With the service concept of "Great Service" and "Customer Achievement", relying on 20 years of professional service experience, professional service team and perfect accessory supply chain, we provide our customers with high-quality services and help them optimize operating costs.

》Service module

   Relying on 20 years of professional service experience, a professional engineer team and a complete supporting supply chain, we can provide customers with the following main services:





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Shared service
Inspection Service
Carbon neutralization
Carbon reduction
Efficient product
Frequency conversion
Engineering optimization
Heat recovery
New energy
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