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Company's main business

The company’s core business includes compressed air system services and industrial investment in the extension of energy-saving services. With technology and services as the core, Green Air Solution® compressed air outsourcing services are the main business, and it is committed to becoming a "technology and service-leading compressed air system. Service provider".

Company philosophy

Help customers use compressed air safely, conveniently and economically.

Company Vision

Become a leading compressed air system service provider in technology and services.

Engineer culture

Engineers are the company's most valuable human capital, and are the source of our leading technology and engineering strength. Super Dragon engineers are a talented, lean service spirit and always efficient first-class professional team in the industry. The continuous establishment of such a team of engineers is the company's development strategy.

Employment criteria

Evaluation criteria: use job requirements and evaluation mechanisms to identify talents, select talents, and encourage talent competition;

Opportunity criteria: Respect knowledge, skills and abilities, and provide opportunities;

Remuneration criteria: matching returns and contributions;

Study criteria: lifelong learning and continuous improvement to meet professional and job requirements;

Promotion criteria: Recognize the company's culture; do your duty, be dedicated to your job, match your position and ability, and actively complete performance; be innovative and pursue excellence.

Annual tour

The company organizes domestic tours for all employees once a year, and outstanding employees participate in overseas tours organized by the company.

Health checkup and sports activities

The company provides employees with a physical examination once a year, which is organized by the company to a regular hospital.

The company regularly organizes employee sports or group activities.

Year-end excellent selection

The company organizes the selection of annual outstanding awards at the end of each year, and gives material and spiritual rewards.

In order to meet the needs of the company's sustainable development, 

we welcome all kinds of talents to join us, and use your talents to contribute 

to the needs and innovation of industrial energy-saving services.

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