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Booster/High Pressure Piston Compressor


》Scope of supply

Piston booster series

•  Volume flow F.A.D:250-1080m³/h

•  Intake pressure:7~10barg

•  Exhaust pressure:20~60barg

Piston high pressure machine series

•  Maximum volume flow F.A.D:3220/h

•  Maximum exhaust pressure :90barg

Piston booster series

•    Use the existing 5-10barg pressure low-pressure screw system for boosting. The low-pressure screw and booster piston can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual needs of the site to achieve the most economical operating energy consumption

•    The low-pressure screw has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, high energy efficiency, and low maintenance and distribution costs

•    The booster piston compressor adopts low-speed 2-stage compression, stable operation and high efficiency

•    Piston compression adopts V-shaped arrangement cylinder, the wear between piston ring and cylinder is low, and the service life of moving parts is long

•    Low energy consumption, energy saving 5-10% compared with the same gas production

High pressure piston compressor series

•    Reliable and durable design, full-acting vertical or V-shaped arrangement of the cylinder, this design reduces the friction between the piston ring and the cylinder, and minimizes the damaged parts of the component

•    Low speed, short stroke design, long service life of wearing parts, easy maintenance

•    Speed adjustable design, adjustment range 30-100% (optional)

•    High efficiency and low energy consumption design, heat energy recovery and utilization

•    Tailored according to customer needs


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