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DS+Series energy-saving refrigeration dryer


》Working principle

The refrigerated compressed air dryer (referred to as the cold dryer) is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidification, which forcedly cools the compressed air below the required dew point temperature, so as to condense the large amount of water vapor and oil mist contained in it into liquid droplets. It is a kind of purification equipment that separates and drains the compressed air out of the machine by draining the compressed air.

The DS series dryer is a reliable and low-energy air handling solution. In order to prevent the precipitation of condensed water in the compressed air, and the resulting corrosion and equipment damage, we must dry the compressed air. This is also the reason why the DS series dryer can remove water from the compressed air and therefore remove it. The big hazard of the air piping system.

Adding filtering equipment to the compression system will further improve the air quality, while reducing the possibility of damage to pneumatic tools and equipment, and improving the quality of the final product.

》Scope of supply

•  Processing flow 15~500m³/min

•  Work pressure 3~60bar

•  Pressure dew point 3~7℃

•  Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics

Motor and drive

•    Both the condenser and the evaporator use thickened anti-corrosion aluminum fins to improve the oxidation resistance of the fins and prolong the service life

•    Increase the strength of the fins, without reversing the fins, improve the heat exchange efficiency, and ensure a stable exhaust dew point for a long time

•    Large-area copper pipe heat exchange design improves the exhaust temperature of the refrigeration and dryer, the exhaust pipe does not condense, and extends the service life of the pipe

•    Reduce the evaporator intake temperature, reduce the load of the refrigeration compressor, and save energy

•    Optimize piping design, increase the number of heat exchange tubes, and reduce the pressure difference of the whole machine

•    Large refrigeration capacity hot gas bypass valve is selected or frequency conversion design, no frost, no ice blocking at low temperature

•    The gas-water separation design of primary filtration and cyclone separation achieves a separation effect of 99.9%

•    Choose high-quality accessories to improve the stability of the system, extend the service life of the whole machine, and provide users with a better quality air source

•    Intelligent PLC control system, touch screen display operation, multi-point temperature measurement, pressure measurement, real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of the refrigeration dryer, more comprehensive display and protection

•    Use R410A (R407C optional) environmentally friendly refrigerant

•    The maximum allowable intake air temperature is 60℃, and the maximum ambient temperature is 45℃

DAR series compression heat regeneration adsorption dryer


》Working principle

Compression heat regeneration suction dryer mainly uses the high-temperature oil-free gas discharged from the air compressor to directly heat the regenerated desiccant, and makes full use of the waste heat of the air compressor to regenerate the adsorbent. The entire regeneration process consumes no gas and saves the energy consumption of the system.

There are more special and demanding requirements for the dew point. We can increase the auxiliary heater and adopt the craft order with low gas consumption. We have professional engineering experience.

》Scope of supply

•  Processing flow 12~500m3/min

•  Work pressure 3~10bar

•  Dew point temperature -20~-40℃

•  Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics


Activated alumina beads, molecular sieves or silica gel adsorbents are usually used as adsorption media in different adsorption dryers. Beaded particles have a very high internal surface area and water separation efficiency. Each batch of adsorbent needs to pass strict tests on density, moisture content, abrasion resistance, surface area, strength, etc. to meet our demanding design requirements.

Control valve

The control system of the dryer is composed of a series of components such as butterfly valve and one-way valve to achieve the best control effect, reliability and operating cost. The butterfly valve is used in the air inlet of the dryer, the outlet of the purified air and the main pipeline. These valves are specially designed to ensure the sealing effect.

Butterfly valve has the following characteristics

•    High flow, stainless steel disc design to minimize fluid resistance

•    Stem double-sided O-ring design

•    Bronze stem bearing to ensure reliable load support and reduce torque

•    The alloy support base ensures excellent disc sealing integrity, easy replacement and installation, and reduces the risk of high torque and premature failure

•    Integral flange seal to reduce the need for gaskets or O-rings

•    Valve position indicator

•    Butterfly valve double acting driver

Electrical control

The drying/regeneration cycle adopts Siemens PLC control, Siemens PLC and 7-inch touch screen and other control elements, which can provide the following information for the operator:

•    Alarm when system error or pending error occurs

•    Display the real-time status of each container (drying, regeneration or standby)

•    Display the remaining time of the cycle phase

•    Exhaust dew point temperature and pressure in the container

•    PLC is equipped with RS485 communication interface, adopts modbus communication protocol, and supports HMI of PI control system

Zero gas consumption automatic drain

•    The drain valve discharge is completely controlled according to the condensate level of the aluminum alloy sump, only the condensate is discharged, and no compressed air is discharged

•    High-quality liquid level sensing components, ultra-high sensitivity and reliability

•    High-quality drainage valve parts, high efficiency, stability and long life

•    Manual test button, easy to check the condensate level and drain status at any time

•    When there is abnormality such as dirty blockage or stuck valve core, it will automatically enter the self-cleaning program, the yellow light will flash and alarm and the abnormal signal can be remotely transmitted to the central control room

DAH/DAHV series heating regeneration / blast heating regeneration adsorption dryer


》Working principle

DAH series heating regeneration adsorption dryer uses a small amount of dry product air for heating, blowing and cooling regeneration, with an average air consumption rate of 6-8%. Compared with non-heat regeneration dryers, the air consumption is only half of that. The process is simple and easy to operate. The maintenance is convenient, and the product has a good comprehensive cost performance.

DAHV series blast heating regeneration adsorption dryer adopts the process of ambient air blast regeneration, so it can save a lot of product gas required for traditional process regeneration. The process steps of blast regeneration include heating and blowing cooling. When heating, the regeneration gas source comes from the ambient air boosted by the blower, and it is heated to the regeneration temperature by an external heater as the regeneration gas desorbed by the adsorber bed. During the regeneration operation, the regeneration heating gas heats and analyzes the adsorbent bed, and the separated water vapor is carried by the regeneration gas and taken out of the adsorber. Regeneration blowing or taking from its own dry air, after decompression, as regeneration blowing gas, or air circulation cooling separation as regeneration blowing gas, blowing and cooling the bed to meet the needs of the next stage of adsorption work, avoiding air The outlet dew point is unstable due to the presence of bed temperature.

》Scope of supply

•  Processing flow 12~500m³/min

•  Work pressure 3~10bar

•  Dew point temperature -20~-40℃

•  Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics

•    Adopting long-period switching and two-bed layout of adsorbents can make full use of the respective adsorption characteristics of molecular sieve and activated alumina, with high drying efficiency and stable performance of compressed air dew point.

•    Use lower regeneration temperature for regeneration, low regeneration energy consumption ratio, which has energy saving significance

•    Blast heating regeneration uses ambient air, which has energy-saving advantages

•    The switching mode can be fixed time/dew point switching working mode, which is very suitable for users with varying load, and the energy saving effect is very obvious

•    The customized selection of adsorbent and reasonable design of empty tower flow rate ensure the long service life of adsorbent

•    The PLC programmable controller is used for process control and monitoring, and the touch screen displays the simulated process picture to reflect the dynamic process and parameters of the process

•    Multiple interlocking protection and alarm, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the device

•    The outlet dew point is stable, which effectively guarantees the quality of compressed air

•    Integrated design and assembly of the equipment, and the whole machine leaving the factory to ensure that the equipment arrives at the project site and is installed with zero workload

F series pipeline filter


》Working principle

The high-performance filter can effectively remove various impurities in the compressed gas. The oil coalescing filter can remove the suspended oil, wet dust and water droplets in the compressed gas; the dry dust filter can remove the dryness in the compressed gas Dust, particles and microorganisms; de-oiling steam filter can remove oil from compressed gas.

》Scope of supply

•  Processing flow 1.2~500m³/min

•  Maximum intake pressure:Aluminum housing filter 16bar

                  Flange filter 10bar

•  60bar high pressure filter can be customized

》Technical characteristics

•    Using pleated filter element, 3 times more filter area than ordinary winding filter element

•    The support net is made of high-quality stainless steel, which not only guarantees the strength of the filter element, but also avoids damage to the filter element due to material corrosion and secondary pollution to the compressed gas

•    The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, compact and lightweight, and the pressure can be up to 1.6Mpa

•    Flange filter can be selected for processing flow above 20m³/min, with pressure up to 1.0Mpa

•    The end cover is made of PA+GA material, under the pressure of 1.6MPa, it can withstand high temperature of 240℃ without deformation, -20℃ without embrittlement, and effectively prevent general acid and alkali chemical corrosion. It has strong oleophobicity and hydrophobicity.

•    The filter housing and element design have been optimized to minimize the impedance pressure faced by the air flow

•    The FW series of gas-water separators has high water removal efficiency, which can remove 99% of liquid water and oil, and has a design life of 6000-8000 hours

•    The main line filter FT series can filter out liquid water and oil, and can filter out 1 micron solid particles and 1ppm w/w maximum residual oil. The design life is 6000-8000 hours.

•    The micro-oil mist filter FA series can coalesce fine water vapor and oil mist, can filter out 0.01 micron solid particles and 0.01ppm w/w maximum residual oil, and the design life is 6000-8000 hours

•    Activated carbon filter FAH series filter oil vapor and hydrocarbon vapor, can filter out 0.01 micron solid particles and 0.003ppm w/w maximum residual oil content, design life is 1000 hours

•    The SF series of sterilization filters are designed and manufactured in accordance with GMP standards, which can filter out 99.999% of various bacteria and bacteria above 0.01 microns

•    16-25barg pressure and 25-50barg pressure type high pressure filter can be customized

•    Stainless steel filters can be customized, which can be used in sensitive industries such as food, medicine, electronics, advanced spraying, etc.

AD series zero consumption drain


》Working principle

When the condensate enters the drain tank, the water level continues to rise. When the water level reaches the high water level, it is sensed by the liquid level sensor, and the drain valve is controlled to open, so that the condensate can be quickly discharged.

When the drain valve continues to converge to the condensate water level, the liquid level sensor controls the drain valve to close quickly. At this time, the liquid level is still some distance away from the drain valve outlet, so there will be no compressed air leakage during the draining process.

Once the drain valve is dirty or jammed and the condensate level is too high or too low, the liquid level sensor will automatically sense, and the control circuit will automatically switch to the self-cleaning drainage program. At this time, the yellow indicator light on the panel flashes and the remote abnormal signal is displayed. When it is turned on, the drain solenoid valve is opened for 5 seconds every 3 minutes to make the drain valve in an alternate loading/sanction state to facilitate the discharge of foreign matter, etc., until the drain water level returns to normal.


•    Aluminum alloy precision extrusion molding of water collection tank, high strength and high pressure resistance

•    Both inner and outer surfaces are anodized, excellent corrosion resistance

•    Imported high-quality liquid level sensing components, ultra-high sensitivity and reliability

•    Selected high-quality drainage valve parts, high efficiency, stability and long life

•    Selected high-quality drainage valve parts, high efficiency, stability and long life

•    Overall waterproof and dustproof design, protection grade IP65

•    Pneumatic system drainage control program developed with more than 20 years of professional experience

•    Manual test button, easy to check the condensate level and drain status at any time

•    When there is abnormality such as dirty blockage or stuck valve core, it will automatically enter the self-cleaning program, the yellow light will flash and alarm and the abnormal signal can be remotely transmitted to the central control room

•    Automatic discharge according to the condensate level, especially suitable for multi-stage air compressors

•    Only drain, no exhaust, no compressed air leakage loss


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