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2019 SupDragon Year-End Summary and 2020 Business Target Meeting!

2020-01-20 10:55:00

Seek progress in stability, innovate and develop

Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. On January 11, 2020, the 2019 work summary meeting and 2020 business goal meeting of all employees of Guangdong Super Dragon Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. kicked off in Foshan Zero One Science and Technology Park.


Summarize the past and set goals

Time flies, 2019 has passed, and 2020 is coming. At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Lin made the 2019 annual work report and the overall work deployment for 2020 on behalf of the company.


In the past year, we have achieved new breakthroughs in sales performance, but there are major problems in team performance and efficiency management. To this end, Mr. Lin proposed: In 2020, we must be pragmatic, seeking benefits, optimizing the team, optimizing management, and optimizing business!

Management Innovation Presentation

Immediately afterwards, the company's personnel administration department announced the new management assessment system in 2020.

Targeted, looking forward to 2020

Subsequently, in order to better carry out the work in 2020, the main persons in charge of various departments have reported their duties one after another, summarized the past, and achieved a targeted. 2020 new starting point, new goal.

So there is a military order, and now there is a letter of responsibility

With new goals and new responsibilities, President Lin signed the 2020 goal responsibility letter with his supervisor/manager-level colleagues at the meeting site.

Encourage advanced and commend outstanding

At the annual meeting, the company commended and rewarded 6 employees who achieved outstanding results in 2019.

Year-end bonus

To thank everyone for their hard work, Super Dragon has prepared a year-end award for all employees. At this point, the 2019 year-end conference came to an end in the year-end awards, and everyone gathered for lunch near noon.

Carrying on the past and opening the new year, advancing with the times and celebrating the new year, for the upcoming 2020, we are ready, united, united, and reshaping the super dragon team spirit!


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