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Speed-increasing centrifugal compressor


ST series centrifugal compressors are supplied with customized units, and each unit is individually designed to ensure optimal efficiency. The whole skid-mounted structure is adopted, which is convenient for on-site installation. The whole skid-mounted on a standard platform does not require special construction of concrete structures. After years of optimized and improved design, the unit adopts leading technology and excellent components, and adopts an intelligent control system, which is safe and reliable in operation, efficient and energy-saving. The unit has passed TUV class 0 oil-free certification, and can deliver 100% completely oil-free compressed air to meet high-quality industrial applications.

》Scope of supply


•  Displacement 1200~108000/h

•  Output pressure 3~16bar


•  Displacement 1200~80000m³/h

•  Output pressure 0.3~2.5bar

•  Other special models accept order

》Technical characteristics

Air system

Nose part

Gear box and diversion fluid

•    Casting type, cast iron material, surface anti-rust treatment, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to fall off

•    The gear box has a horizontally split structure, which makes it easy for maintenance personnel to access the maintenance points, and it is very convenient to check the gear system, bearings, oil seals and gas seals.

•    One-way helical gear, forged alloy steel (40CrNiMoA), fine grinding after carburizing, AGMA 13, surface nitriding treatment, wear resistance, low noise, easy disassembly and assembly, simple maintenance

Rotor assembly

•    Each stage of the rotor is composed of high-quality titanium alloy impeller, thrust ring and impeller shaft

•    The pinion thrust ring transmits the axial thrust directly to the large gear through the thrust ring, which greatly reduces the meshing force of the helical teeth of the gear, improves the gear life, and reduces the energy efficiency loss.


•    Using aviation-grade titanium alloy material (equivalent to the material of the intake blades of aircraft turbine engines), ternary flow backward bending design, integral milling processing

•    Has excellent aerodynamic performance to ensure the optimal efficiency of the unit


•    Integral milling of aluminum alloy materials

Pinion bearing

•    Horizontally split five-part tilting pad bearing, self-aligning, strong anti-surge function; alloy steel material, surface layer babbitt alloy

Big gear bearing

•    Horizontally split composite thrust bearing, alloy steel material, surface layer Babbitt alloy

Oil and gas sealing

•    The mechanical labyrinth seal ensures that the compressed air is not polluted and is 100% oil-free

•    The oil seal and the gas seal are vented to the atmosphere according to API requirements, and the gas seal can be designed as a babbitt alloy layer seal according to the pressure

•    The aluminum alloy seal is not in contact with the rotating parts, it is safe and reliable to work, and has a long life. Under normal conditions, it does not need to be replaced

other parts

Inlet guide vane

•    Electric inlet guide vane valve, adjust the inlet air intake by controlling the opening of the guide vane

Air cooler

•    Large size design, anti-corrosion treatment; water pipe side and gas pipe side, the temperature rise is less than 10℃

•    Tube-fin fins are made of aluminum alloy, which can be extracted for easy maintenance and cleaning

Pipes and links

•    Adopt large pipeline design, excessive smoothness, low pressure drop

•    The grooved pipe connection method is adopted, which is easy to install, does not damage the inner wall of the pipeline, and the original characteristics of the pipeline are not affected

•    The pipeline has anti-vibration, anti-expansion and expansion capabilities, high stability and easy maintenance

Condensate drain valve

•    Each air cooler has a condensate collection and drainage system

Vent valve

•    When the compressed air demand is lower than the minimum throttle range of the inlet regulating valve, the relief valve automatically opens to discharge the excess air, thereby avoiding surge

Outlet check valve

•    Prevent system compressed air from returning to the compressor when the compressor is unloaded

Lubricating oil system

Main oil pump

•    Spindle drive, over-flow design

Auxiliary oil pump

•    Electric drive, interlocked with the unit start/stop switch

Oil cooler

•    Water-cooled, water pipe, oil pipe, tube bundle can be drawn out


•    Carbon steel, internal coating, high strength, reasonable volume

Lubricating oil pipe

•    Material stainless steel, one-time forming, no welding, pressure drop

Oil mist system

•    Prevent oxidation of lubricating oil and prolong the service life of lubricating oil

Oil heater

•    Ensure lubricating oil temperature

Drive System

Main motor

•    High efficiency motor, optional 380V/6KV/10KV

Double diaphragm coupling

•    Backlash-free and maintenance-free all-steel coupling, high strength, good torsion rigidity, strong ability to compensate deviation, long life, stable performance

•    With coupling shell design, strong protection ability

Control System

•    The PLC control system uses various sensors, transmitters and other data to adjust the angle of the inlet guide vanes within the maximum range to keep the compressor at a constant pressure

•    Main control methods: automatic dual control (throttling and unloading control), constant pressure control, anti-surge control

•    The touch-type LCD display interface can display the main operating parameters and operating status of the compressor. It has the functions of fault alarm and protection and maintenance information reminders. It also has a remote communication interface for communication with the centralized control system. The air compressor is monitored. The communication provides RS 485 communication interface and supports MODBUS RTU communication protocol.


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