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The company participated in the 2013 year-end awards dinner of Air Dynamics Group!

2014-05-06 14:20:00

Triumph farewell to the old year, and the horse welcomes the new year! On January 23, 2014, the year-end New Year Dinner of U-Dragon Air Power Group was grandly held in Foshan Mingdu Hotel! As a member of the group, all members of our company and their family members were also invited to participate in this awards dinner, gathered together with the brother companies of the group, and shared the joy together!

Before the dinner, the chairman of the group, Mr. Lin Xiongjun, delivered a speech for the dinner. Lin Dong first affirmed the achievements of our group companies in 2013 and pointed out the shortcomings, and then proposed our direction and direction for the new year. Goal, I hope everyone can learn from experience and work together to create a more brilliant performance!

At this dinner, first of all, awards were presented to the outstanding employee representatives of the various companies of the group. Thank you for your contributions to the company over the past year. Then there are wonderful performances. In terms of performances, the content is also rich and colorful. There are romantic and beautiful love songs to drink, as well as passionate and inspiring songs solo; there is a passionate dance "Lovey dovey", and there is also classical and elegant ballet. "My Barbie Dream"; and "Romantic Atmosphere", a catwalk full of visual feast, pushed the party to a climax. The wonderful program won round after round of warm applause from everyone.

For the lucky draw of this dinner, the organizing committee provided a wealth of prizes, including laptops, mobile phones, bicycles, household appliances, mobile chargers, etc., as well as multiple rounds of cash prizes. The lucky draw and program performances took turns throughout the dinner. At the moment when the lottery numbers are about to be announced, everyone held their breath and looked forward to good luck. With various awards and famous flowers in their hands, we look forward to winning again in the coming year!

New year, new hope, new starting point, U Dragon Air Power Group's year-end New Year dinner was successfully concluded with everyone's cheers. I wish all companies of the group, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, their performance in 2014 will reach a new level! The Year of the Horse is a success!



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