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Super Dragon held the GardnerDenver centrifuge conference​!

2014-05-19 18:05:00

On April 17-19, 2014, the Air Compressor Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Seminar and GardnerDenver Centrifugal Compressor Conference organized by Super Dragon was held in Guangzhou Super Dragon. The press conference invited many major distributors and friends from the same industry in Guangdong Province. The sales general manager and product manager of Dengfu Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in South China also came to the press conference to discuss the energy-saving and environmental protection solutions of the air compressor system. plan.

At this press conference, we focused on showing the GardnerDenver VB300 small centrifugal compressor. This small centrifugal compressor independently developed and produced by Dengfu Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will lead the centrifugal compressor Close to small applications, the unique oil-free, high-efficiency, and low-cost advantages of miniaturized centrifugal compressors will surely become the choice of customers in the new era!

With simple design, compact layout, sophisticated workmanship, and high-quality configuration, GardnerDenver VB300 centrifugal compressors have been highly recognized by the attending colleagues and customers.



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