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Centrifuge overhaul and accessories service

》Centrifuge one-stop service

    Relying on our 10 years of centrifuge service experience and complete parts supply chain, we can provide centrifuge overhaul services and parts supply for mainstream brands in the industry.

》Our promise

•    More than 30% discount on repair price

•    After the overhaul, the centrifuge guarantees normal and reliable operation, and provides a warranty period. During the warranty period, there are quality problems and free repairs.

•    The performance level after repair meets the original factory repair standard

》Core component supply chain


With the complete aerodynamic analysis capability of the impeller, it can cut the deformation of the impeller according to the different pressure and air volume requirements of the customer. The impeller can be restored and repaired, and the DMG five-axis machining center can ensure that the impeller can be processed at one time.

Gear set

Possess the overall design ability of centrifugal air compressor gear sets, and outsource processing. The German NILES gear grinding machine ensures that the gear accuracy reaches AGMA 13 and guarantees gear interchangeability.

Other Accessories

The same accessories used by major compressor brands can be provided, with high quality and low price.

》Repair case

Repair a certain brand of impeller

Overhaul of a certain brand gearbox, replacement of bearings, large gears and high-speed shafts

Overhaul of a certain brand of centrifuge impeller and bearing replacement service


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