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Ulong Aerodynamics Groups year-end summary meeting and 2015 Spring Festival Gala!

2015-05-25 09:25:00

On January 24, 2015, the year-end New Year Dinner of U-Dragon Air Power Group was held in Foshan Zhongheng Jindu Hotel! Before the start of the banquet, Mr. Lin Xiongjun, the chairman of the group, gave a speech for the dinner. Lin Dong first summarized the achievements of the group companies and pointed out the current deficiencies and problems. At the same time, he also placed hope for 2015. I hope everyone Strive for a happy life for yourself and your family, and contribute your own strength to the development of the company and create more brilliant performance!

2015新春晚会     2015新春晚会

Thank you for the unsatisfactory experience in 2014, which is the reason you must work hard in the next year; thank you for the hard work of 2014, which is an indispensable experience on the road to growth; thank you for the harvest in 2014, which is all your sweat A well-deserved reward; in order to thank everyone for their contributions to the company over the past year, the company's leaders commended and awarded awards to the "excellent employees" that emerged from the group companies. In order to promote the corporate culture of the group companies, increase the cohesion of the company's team, and thank the employees and guests for their strong support, the group companies prepared wonderful programs and lucky draw feedback links for this dinner. There is a passionate Latin dance "Dance girl", a solo of "Lighthouse" which is like a natural sound, a thought-provoking talk show "Those Blind Dates", an energetic and dynamic modern dance "Sexy Show", including multiple rounds The cash prize of the party even pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

2015新春晚会     2015新春晚会

This party is destined to be a night of passion, it is destined to be a night to linger, and it is destined to be an extraordinary night for employees and guests to have fun together. Amidst the enthusiastic cheers of everyone, the year-end New Year Dinner of U-Dragon Aerodynamics Group came to a successful conclusion. I sincerely hope that all companies in the group will achieve a new level of performance in 2015 with the joint efforts of all colleagues! Set sail!


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